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Humble Beginnings 

  • My Great Grandmother was a classic oil paint artist and my mother too. So I started out as an artist, but one day I drew a straight line and I liked it. I became an Architect and an Engineer and spent the next 40+ years designing and engineering things.  However I never forgot my desire to be creative in the world of art and to have fun in the graphical design world.  

Professional Quality 

Created by a Professional Designer

​There are a lot of Computer Aided Graphical Design Programs and there are a lot of people that use these programs and then call themselves designers. A professional designer does not come out of a software box.   A professional designer evolves over time from doing all the wrong things at least once in their career, and then learns from those mistakes to become a "Professional". I use computer design programs as a tool and not as an excuse.  Over 45 years of design experience and some of it doing design the old fashion way, by hand.  


Let's  have a Conversation about what you need and  

Your Ideas, and let our Imagination work for you !  

Product Services

Pricing of Services

All Mouse-Up Design Service pricing is based on the project and the components of that project, this includes the complexity of the project and outside costs, such as legal fees for Trademark and copyright licensing.

All project fees are provided in a proposal document outlining the design services, any material costs associated with the project, and administration costs. 

We like to keep the administrative paperwork side of the project as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Product Category

Service Category (a partial listing)

* Corporate Identity and Image Management   Development, including redesign of existing   Corporate Identity and service marks. 

* Original Artwork Design and Production Control.

* Program Management Turn-Key Graphic Services, such as printing through third party printer services. 

* Exhibition and Exhibit Design, 

* Vehicle and Transportation Identity design.

* Design Program Management. 




Here’s what we’ve been working on

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